Why the Huawei Mate 20 Pro will crush every phone in 2018

Cell phones have become a part of our life. We cannot live without cell phones now. Cell phones have become just like oxygen for us. In today’s modern world and cut throat competition cell phones have been becoming increasingly complex yet easy to use for the buyer. Huawei has introduced Mate 20 pro at a whopping 130,000 rupees in Pakistan. But that price tag is all justified when you look at its specs.

The Engine

The processor and chipboard along with the motherboard is of utmost importance. This phone carries an Octa-Core which is 2 into 2 multiplied by 6 Giza hertz cortex A 76. And that big name lives up to its reputation. This will give you a blinding speed which will surpass the latest iPhone or the flagship Samsung phone with ease. G-76 Mali GPU for a dazzling gaming experience with the ram of 6 GB to give every app a smooth flow when it is being used.

The Software

This phone is equipped with the Android 9 (Pie), which is supposed to be the latest in the Android operating system offerings. The battery of up to 4200 MHZ to keep the phone from sleeping all day long. Games are built in and downloadable as well and lastly it has the sensors such as face id, finger print etc.

The Camera

In the war of smartphones, no phone can stay ahead of its competition if it fails to have a good camera. And in the case of Huawei Mate 20 Pro, it beats all the competition hands down. Equipped with the first ever triple camera with 40 MP resolution and a front camera which gives 24 MP resolution, this phone is bound to take pictures which will become your memories that will last a lifetime.