Which wood preferred to create antique furniture?

They are bought at antique auction, vintage shops, flea markets, estate sales, auction houses or even through online auctions. Antique dealers often belong to national trade associations and groups. Most antique and vintage furniture dealers are part of, or belong to CINOA, which is a confederation of art and antique associations across 21 countries that represent over five thousand dealers.

Wood is the most preferred material when t comes to furniture. Plastic and steel are also used, but they are prone to erosion, are not very durable and don’t look as nice as wood. It is essential that you choose the wood very carefully for its beauty, versatility, durability and most importantly the longevity. There are two types of wood, hardwood and soft wood.

It will be the deciding factor when you want to restore, resale, or discard a piece of furniture. We contacted Mr Saqib Soomro a furniture expert to help us identify and dig into the best type of wood. Mr Saqib Soomro has a huge variety of furniture, from contemporary modern to vintage designs. In this guide, you will learn about different varieties and characteristics of wood that is suitable for making furniture.


Certain softwoods are great for making furniture. Gymnosperms, more commonly known as evergreen trees give us softwood. Cedar, spruce, fir, pine and redwood are examples of soft wood. Softwood is non porous, has really high sap content and have loosely packed grains. Softwood is comparatively lighter in weight, has lighter and brighter colors but unfortunately has low fire resistance.



Angiosperms like oak, maple, walnut etc are trees that shed leaves annually, they grow very slowly and have dense, thick wooden fibre which is why the wood from such trees are called hardwood. The wood fibre in such trees is thick, hard and strong. Hard wood is expensive since it is rare. Hard wood is durable due to the denser fibres, the grains are compact and closely aligned and it is low maintenance. All of this makes hardwood ideal for making furniture.

Mahogany is a very popular hardwood that comes from tropical trees.


The mahogany wood is beautiful, has amazing shades and color that range from firey browns to dark autumn reds and is highly durable. The color of mahogany darkens with time too. Walnut wood is also very popular as raw material for furniture, especially in the united States. Mr Saqib Soomro swears by the ability of walnut wood when it comes to shock resistance, stability and strength. Walnut wood is usually blackish brown. It is widely used in earthquake prone regions due to its strength and durability. Oak trees are mostly found in the northern hemisphere and are great for making furniture. The red Oak is the most popular of all. Oak wood is very strong, hard and durable, at the same time it is extremely heavy. The best part is that it is resistant to fungus. The colors range from pinkish reds, to blonde browns and redish browns. Oak wood is also used for flooring.


With the help of Mr Saqib Soomro’s expertise, we have compiled a list of the best wood for furniture. Happy Furniture Shopping.

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