Types of feet and leg on the antique furniture by Saqib Soomro

There are many types of feet and legs that are found on the furniture a person buys that is antique. By legs and feet, we mean the things over which the actual matter stands on. Their quality matters a lot otherwise the whole of the frame would come down crashing if you don’t chose yourself the one which is the best.

Steel legs and feet

The antique furniture which come with the steel leg and feet have one big main problem attached to them. The corrosion and the rust. Before buying yourself the antique furniture which is made out of steel or which has the steel heritage you must check and inquire whether the main furniture has rust and corrosion on its feet and legs. It is imperative that once the furniture is put in front of you, that you must lay down and first check its inner downward side and after inspecting it you must get up on your feet and check the side bends that the furniture has, and moreover it has been seen that the fake historians just to mint money out of people sell them fake steel antique furniture which has nothing to do with history and you end up paying a lot of money for the thing that which would not even cost you a dime even.

Wooden legs and feet

Mr. Saqib Soomro stated that the second kind of the furniture that you can come across in the antique furniture market is the one which has the legs and feet of wood. Now the thing with wood is that the furniture may look okay when you look at it from the distance but the problem lies in the fact that it may have a certain mite of wood stuck with it, and if that mite comes with it then your furniture is good for nothing because that mite is specifically made to eat out the wood. And the problem with that mite is that it eats that wood only. So before getting yourself the wooden antique furniture please make sure that it doesn’t have the actual mite which is very dangerous and can ruin all your antique furniture.

Stone legs and feet

The last type of antique furniture that exists in the market is the one with the stone legs and feet. Now the problem with this kinds of furniture lies in the fact that people usually try to sell you the fake low quality stone by saying that it is a high quality one, and if you buy that stone you will lose all your money. And they will get away with your hard earned money and you won’t get any for your dime. Mr. Saqib Soomro stated that before you go to a market to buy such kind of a furniture that you must take with you a guy that is informed about the stone antique furniture so that you could save yourself from being ripped off.

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