Top Five hotels in the world recommended by Mr. Saqib Soomro

The Emirates palace, Abu Dhabi

When it comes to luxury and leisure, this one tops the list above all. According to the person who was giving us the idea. This hotel was built in approximately over three billion United States of America currency which is Dollars. This mammoth of a hotel has well over 400 rooms with over forty conference rooms for all the big business tycoons that spent their stay here. It has been said that this hotel is equipped over a thousand different types of chandeliers which were bought from the different parts of the world handcrafted and handmade to its clients needs.

Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

Mardan palace is a hotel in Turkey which was built by a Russian guy named Telman. According to Mr. Saqib he says that this hotel has the world biggest swimming pool in it which can easily accommodate four thousand people at once with ease. With the rooms spread across the area where the limit of the eye ends, this hotel is equipped by well over eight hundred rooms for its rich and famous clients. From the celebrities like Schumacher, Alonso, Vettel, Jordan and many from the music industry regularly stay in this hotel when they visit Antalya.

The Westin Excelsior, Italy

As the saying goes that when in Rome do as the Romans do. This hotel in the heart of Rome brings you as close to the roots and culture of Italy as you can get. The heritage this hotel brings to itself is unmatchable. Build in the early 1900s, some say late 1800 the walls of this hotel speak out for its ancient culture and heritage of Italians. It has been said that this hotel was recently restructured for an estimated amount of over seven million United States of America currency which is Dollars. Very few people can afford to live in this hotel so it’s open for all to come and see.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The Arabs never disappoint when it comes to building extravagant and flashy hotels which their western counterparts can barely match up to. Burj Al Arab is such a masterpiece. Build in the heart of the seas, this hotel is well known for the English and British royalty to stay at. With its own helipad at the top, many of the famous television commercials has also been shot there.

The Plaze Hotel, NYC- USA

The Plaza hotel in the heart of New York City, United States of America. Mr. Ahmed says you can’t visit the Big Apple and not visit this hotel. Often linked to many celebrities’ deaths, this hotel often is called the haunted hotel by many. It was built in 1907 this master piece even has the Native American Samoan heritage in its building as well.

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