Top five antiques collection in the world

According to Mr. Saqib Soomro, he has his five best picks for which he considers the best of the best antique collections in the world. He also said since they are sacred one cannot buy them of bring them to their homes, but one must visit and see those at least once in the lifetime.

The embalmed Pharaoh

From the ancient ruins of history the King Pharaoh and their family holds a reputation. Their belongings are kept safety in the places of Giza, Egypt. One can visit the place through the city called Sharm-El-Sheikh and enjoy and absord the history that these things has to offer. From the Rings to the pendants to the other ornaments that the kings of that time possessed. He says that if they are to be sold in market they would fetch a guy billions of Dollars because of the heritage attached to them.

The Coffin of Alexander the Great

In the town of Turkey you can visit the metropolis museum to see the Alexander’s coffin. Even though it is highly debatable that this coffin actually belongs to him or not, but the historians have a pedigree related to it, by through the archeological researches they have come across the fact that this actually is the real thing, or closest to it. People believe in the theory that is not to be opened since it can bring bad luck to the opener of the coffin.

Steel pots of Babylon

Nothing has intrigued the historians more than the pots that are on display at the places in the Frankfurt. These things hold a clear history in them, the civilization that accord had with the structures is never to be seen in this world anywhere. One can go there are vanish away in the riddle of history and the era of Babylon as how they had survived their time when there were wars and battles going on and how they raised their offspring and turned them into warriors.

Asteroid of destruction

Deep in the valley of Utah there lies a place called Area-51, which only opens for the public for a few hours every day. That place contains the steel asteroid which was responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs from the face of the planet earth. Those things are highly radioactive and Mr. Saqib Soomro expresses full caution to the people who want to attend that place.

Temple of Heracles

Heracles who is often called Hercules in the modern era, his temple has many basic things which he used in his daily life. Though it is highly debatable that are those actually his things or the kings that came after him altered with the reality and faked it just to make money out of it. But the fact that some of the ornaments there are highly valued in price makes them probable things that belonged to Hercules and his partners. It is been said that those ancient things are over 2 million years old.

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