The best places for travelling by Mr. Saqib Soomro

Since he is a globe trotter, when being inquired upon about the best places for travelling he said that the list goes on and on and on and he can keep on rambling about it and the list will not end. But after insisting a lot he took 3 places out for us.

Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

When a layman hears the name Switzerland the first thing that comes up to his mind is lush green valleys surrounded with mountain peaks and chilled weather with drizzles all around the month with zero pollution at all. When a person hears the name, he thinks about all those Hollywood movies who made some big stars that rein their dynasty in the modern Hollywood today. There is a small village in Switzerland near the canton of Bern just a drive away from the famous Interlaken valley. Lauterbrunnen is a very small village but could also be termed as the paradise on earth. All the vehicles there are electric vehicles and the mayor has asked all the gas vehicles to be kept outside of the town so that the atmosphere of the city doesn’t get polluted. To travel to Switzerland from Pakistan one needs to acquire a Schengen visa on his passport only then he would be eligible to travel in the territory of European Union.

Venice Italy

When a person hears the name of the Venice city, what comes to his mind is water all over the city. With boats going on in a romantic way, it’s a young couple’s dream to celebrate their honeymoon in the city of Venice where a person is playing the Italian music in the background and they are enjoying the view of sunset in the boat. Mr. Saqib Soomro stated that the city of Venice could be reached by taking the European union train system which is very quick and as well as very comfortable for even the people nearing their century. It will take you 3 hours from Rome to reach the city of Marghera which is near Venice and from there you take the ferry, or a boat or a cruise depending upon your pocket to reach the beautiful city of Venice. To enter the territory of Italy one has to acquire a Schengen visa on his passport which would enable him to travel to this beautiful city.

Los Angeles U.S.A

Mr. Saqib Soomro stated that your best travel destination cannot be completed without mentioning this Tinsiltown madness city of Los Angeles. This city is also called the city of angels. Mr Saqib said that from the world famous Hollywood Walk of fame and getting your picture taken with your famous star to working out at the famous Venice beach gym where the great Arnold used to work out to heading towards the Campton streets where the Rap legend Tupac Shakur was born to going to the world famous Hollywood sign. All these things and much more this city has to offer, but bear in mind that this city is world famous for its traffic jams.

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