Ten tips before you plan a foreign trip

Mr. SaqibSoomro is a master of travelling abroad. He tells us about the ten different tips and tricks which will enable you to plan your trip in a safe and sound way.

1- Research the place:
The biggest mistake that people usually make is that fact that they overlook the fact of researching the internet or the books before planning a visit to somewhere.

2- Study the Culture:
The culture of any country is of utmost important. It is imperative that you keep an eye on the fact that you don’t do anything which goes against the culture of that country or you may end up going to prison or somewhere you don’t want to end up at.

3- The Wardrobe:
Make sure that you don’t pack such wardrobe that you won’t be able to wear that the country you are planning to go. For instance some counties are very conservative and religious so make sure you pack your clothes accordingly.

4- The Dos and Don’ts:
There are certain things every economy or country has which makes it distinct from the others. Make sure you don’t do things which will end you up in trouble. For instance in some countries you will see that putting the hand over head of people isn’t considered good or in fact is considered bad.

5- Don’t carry cash:
In this age, there is no need to take traveler cheers or cash of the country you are visiting with you. You should always take your credit and debit card SaqibSoomro says and change the cash where ever you stay at. It is safe and convenient.

6- Keep your wallet in the front pocket:
Especially in Rome, make sure that you don’t carry your wallet in the back pocket or you will end up losing it forever because of too many pick pockets in the country, make sure to keep it in front of you.

7- Don’t take anything expensive:
Unless you are a son of gun make sure you don’t pack anything which is or seems expensive. The main reason behind this approach is that you need to look poor just so that people don’t scam you, and you don’t become the prey of dangerous people wanting to take advantage of you.

8- Keep your weight down:
Fitness is an overlooked part of travelling. Remember that the less you weight, the more agile you are, and the more you are going to enjoy your vacation because vacation involves a lot of travelling on feet and walking too.

9- Bali Belly:
Bali belly is a disease which hits the travelers to Bali who drink normal tap water. Watch out for it SaqibSoomro says. You wouldn’t wanna end up in bed at your vacation over which you have planned so much for.

10- Connecting flights:
The connecting flights are the main reason you reach your destination. Make sure there is at least a time of two hours minimum in between your connecting flights

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