Soho House Amsterdam – The city’s hippest new hotel

Overview of hotel

This hotel has just arrived on the scene of all those flashy and flamboyant hotels all around the world and its giving them a very tough competition. Soho house is a chain of hotels all over the world and they are known for their comfort, luxury and flamboyance which is hard to beat by all the other 5, 6, or even those 7 star resorts. This hotel is equipped with everything that a person could ask for. If we talk about comfort and luxury then these words are very understatement for this kind of a hotel. You may find every luxury of your life there that is why Mr. Ahmed recommends it to everybody who can afford it. Often the world talks about that the Hilton gives it a tough time in the race for being the number 1 hotel in the world, but according to Mr. Soomro, the Hilton hotel doesn’t even come close to what Soho house has to offer to its esteemed clients.

The Facilities

This hotel is equipped by a building that over 20 stories in height making it one of the hotels that come in the taller category of hotels. It has several different suites for its temporary residents, ranging from the top of the line presidential suites, which can set you back easily at 500 US Dollars a night to the moderate ones where you can opt for a room that is 50 USA Dollars a night. Its diversified approach sets it apart which caters to a large chunk of the society. It has a gym that is spread over a large area constituting of fully high tech latest machines which would pull even those lazy people to the gym who has never thought of placing a foot in it. Soho House also offers you a night club which stands out of the lot because a lot of famous DJs like Armin Van buuren to Dash Berlin to Steve Aoki regularly spins there and the crowd shake to their beautiful tunes. The Swimming pool on the roof top sets it apart where a person can enjoy the skyline of Amsterdam with sipping on his pool side juice.

The Dining of Soho House

Another thing which sets this hotel apart from other hotels is their dining system Mr. Saqib Soomro stated. He said that this hotel has ten different restaurants in it, catering to the taste buds of all the different people and different communities out there. Talking to one of the chief Chef, he said that because this hotel caters to such a diverse type of people that why from continental to Asian to Australian to American, we have kept all kinds of cuisines over here for the pleasure of the people who want to come here to stay.

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