SaqibSoomroo Seven Wonders of the World

Saqibsoomroo the name comes in your mind when you think about the traveling experiences, traveling knowledge¸ traveling months and each and every thing about traveling because the man himself has travelled enough to write a separate book about each and every city he has lives as he has not only visited the places but he actually lived a life like locals in their cities to experience the culture , beauty and fragrance of each and every city he has ever visited, but this time in a recent seating with him we did not asked him about his normal travelling experiencesin fact what we did is that we actually asked him about his famous and most memorable trip of his incredible traveling life and we  were amazed to hear that one of his memorable was his trip to the Seven Incredibly unbelievable wonders of the planet Blue.

Stating from Taj mahal he told us about the incredible structure built back in the mid of sixteenth century also known as the ‘’ Crown of palaces ‘’ located right next to the famous Indian River Yamna in Agra , India built in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal by his generous husband and Mughal king Shah jahan, the white marbled structure is unbelievable to experience in the words ofmrSaqibsoomroo as he carried his conversation to his traveling experience of the Great wall of china as he his eyes were shining while he was telling us about the fortifications made of stones , wood and tamped earth materials to protect the Chinese states and empires at the northern Borders of china the structure in itself is an experience for anyone.

Third experience that he shared with us was none other than the Great pyramids of Giza probably the older is the list of world wonders with some absolute incredible history to follow with, the pyramid Is built by over 2 million blocks including the granite stones in Kings chamber which were transported from nearby quarries and Aswan(city)  according to the known history the fourth in the list of MrSaqibsoomroo comes the statue of Hazrat Isa (Prophet Jesus A.S ) located in Rio de janeiroBrazil famously known as Christ the Redeemer statue which is the most recent human built structure in the list of wonders of the world.

After finishing his strong coffee he told us about his fifth experience of visiting the wonders and it was about Flavian Amphitheatre famously known as colosseum located in the heart of Rome built in the ruling of Flavian dynasty who ruled Roman Empire from 69 AD to 96 AD, seating with him always given me a lot to take with and this time topic was also very gripping as I was interested in knowing about the wonders of world since my childhood I was all set to hear the story about the sixth wonder and exactly when I was ready he started the story about machupicchu which is was built in 14th century by two leaders known as Inca leaders I knew nothing about it to be honest!

Exactly when I was amazed by his stories about these six wonders and he comes up with the seventh Stonehenge the standing stones of England located in wilt shire probably the oldest after pyramids or maybe older than those, indeed he is one of best people I have ever met in my life.

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