SaqibSoomro tells five best hotels of Los Angeles

As we all already know that he is the person who loves to travel a lot, so we decided to catch up on him to ask him about the best hotels he finds in the city of California that is called Los Angeles. He answered our question by stating the best five hotels according to him that are in Los Angeles.

The Beverly Hills hotel:
As the name suggests, this hotel caters to the elitist of the elite in the society. Make sure that you are ready to open up your wallet and cards when making a reservation here. This place is often known as the Pink Palace because of its sophisticated high end aura that surrounds the entire vicinity of Beverly Hills, California. If you are looking to stay at a place where you get to see the Hollywood stars strolling on the streets then this is most definitely the hotel for you.

Hotel Bel-Air:
The fresh prince of Bel-Air. Rings a bell? Most certainly it depicts to the era when Will Smith made his way on to the main screen. This hotel is closely situated in the area of Bel-Air, Downtown Los Angeles. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the entire low end shops and buildings, this hotel serves you a nice retreat from the actual life of the city. You can easily get lost in the streets underneath this gigantic tower so watch out for that.

Four-Season Los Angeles:
Named after the distinct seasons of the city of Los Angeles. This hotel embarks on the seasons of the atmosphere and the climate in it SaqibSoomro said. Here it can easily be been that the rooms are decorated in such a way that it is felt that once you enter the premises the weather seasons all come and grab you and make you happy, that’s the reason why you had held such a pain stalking journey to come to the great town of Los Angeles.

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills:
Located just near the hills of Beverly. This hotel most definitely serves the purpose if you plan to stay in the lime light of tinsel town and its madness. By staying here you can overlook the sky and see that this beautiful city has to offer. The magnificent view makes it all worthwhile from the top of this building where you can sip on the coffee and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the great city of Los Angeles. It will cost you a little, but according him it will all be worth spending the money for.
The Peninsula Beverly Hills:
Again, if you talk luxury and style, Mr. Saqibsoomro say that there is no hotel that matches the location like this hotel does. Just beneath the mountain of the famous Hollywood sign you can book for stay here for a good amount of fortune. There will be people here mostly Arabs that come here because they can afford this kind of spending.

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