Privacy while Travelling

According to Mr Saqib Soomro, Travelling is not for someone who is careless because at times you need to be more than an average person to face the challenges that different destinations have to offer, Travelling is Beautiful and Dangerous both at the same time, in order to be an efficient traveler you must protect your Privacy as in this world of technology all someone needsis a little tiny detail about you if he or she wants to Rob, attack and give you a loss of any kind, as an experience traveler I asked him about the tips one should follow while travelling.
As an ultimate traveler he told me many things which I will keep in mind when ever in my life I am going to travel because these tips from him can save my day , time and money anywhere in the world, According to Mr Saqib Somoro Travelling was not as risky as it was Today 20 years ago, as there were no mobile or computing carrying devices through which someone could have got your details but today the first thing you carry with yourselfbefore leavingyour house either for work , shopping or travel is your Cell Phone, which has to be either android or IOS and you will definitely be connecting that particular device to the internet connection available where ever you are going to Visit, but you must not forget to delete you history and the cache of your phone or a laptop before leaving mall , motel , hotel or a gas station, as public networks are non-secured mostly and not safe at all which are open for everybody , secondly always try to avoid the websites which are not secured as the hackers mostly get data from non-secured sites and those details could lead it to your personal email ,to your financial details or even to your online banking passwords.
According to Mr Saqib Soomro you must keep you cash in a very safe place and should use your plastic cards wisely Debit or credit as the vendors are mostly involved in robberies mostly, in fact using a dummy wallet can save your day at time so always carry a dummy wallet with you with some change cash and non-active or expire cards, while traveling you need to be more observing than normal as little things you are going to notice will might save you from a big loss, In order to protect the important documents such as Passport , ID Card and Driving license always carry a small separate bag and place them in it accordingly as the most important essentials you have while travelling are you ID’s and always keep the money in more than one location in addition to that, always get traveling insurance as its already now necessary to get while applying for Visa for many countries.
These little details will not only save you but will also save your family and traveling buddies anywhere in the world.

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