Hotels recommended by Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro during travel

Budget travelling hotels

When it comes to travelling advice for the people with very less in pocket and yet they have the craving and passion for travelling so Mr. Saqib Soomro shares his piece of advice for them, he said that you don’t have to be rich to travel the world, the accommodation can be costly but it can be very cheap as well. For the budget travelers it’s essential that they log on to the booking sites and look out for the best deals that they could find, the main thing is that, they should look after the filter that it has one or two stars checked and their rating should also be very alright, that it must be around 6 or 6.6 above, so those kind of hotels are the best. One thing people can also do is that they can chose from the dormitory where they rates will be even less but so will be the amenities, like the washroom will be shared and there will be a kitchen where you can cook for yourself.

Mid- range travelling hotels

When it comes to the mid- range travelling hotels Mr. Ahmed states that gone are the days when people used to book the hotels through the travel agents and they used to charge huge profits and commissions over them, so what he has advocated is that fact that one can easily get the bookings done through the internet these days, where you may not get the price as cheap as the ones you get from the travel agents but the thing is that the rate that travel agent gets is the corporate rates, they are slightly lower than the rates a normal person gets, but these days since it’s so much competition you can always log on to the internet and get the best hotel of your choice for you. Bear in mind to check the box of 7+ rating and read the reviews beforehand.

High-end travelling resorts

Last but not the least. Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro talks about the dreaded High end resorts, which only a few could dream of staying at, only before of their charges which are meant to rip people off of their money and rightly so, they give the level of comfort which is not seen by many in this world. BurjUl Arab, Hilton, Palm Jeremiah, Trump towers, 4 Seasons hotels and many more like these top the list of high end hotels. If one can afford then there is no big deal in it to go and book the room their and live like a king till you stay there, you will have every service at your fingertips, from room service to spa to gym to swimming pool, you name it and they have it.

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