Five most important to visit in Cairo by Saqib Soomro

Cairo is the magical capital of the country called Egypt. It is shrouded in history by the mystical happenings of the past that every narrator or historian has articulated things out of. With the history so deep and so enriching it is no wonder that Cairo made it to the most list of most loved places of this guy. When asked about the five most important places that he thinks a person must visit in Cairo, he narrates they are:

Pyramids of Khofu,Khafre&Menkaur:
Nobody in this world has come to Egypt and not visited these three famous pyramids. The biggest one of them is of King Khofu with his son’s Khafre and Menkaur’s in front of him. The best thing about these pyramids is that these are the last remaining and standing wonders of the world. And they are a must in every travel buffs notebooks to visit them. You can pay a slight amount even to get in the pyramids and watch them from inside. You can even take camel and horse rides outside but make sure to bargain beforehand. They are located just in the outskirts of Cairo in the place called Giza. You can either hire a driver or get a cab from Cairo to get there and get your picture taken.
Pyramid of Saqqara:
Saqqara is the next most sought after pyramid after the main pyramids. People often go there alongside Memphis to visit the main pyramid. It is also known as the step pyramid. It is built in such a way that it looks like an architectural marvel from the outside. It is often been seem that the best of the best graphic designers fail to comprehend the fact that how the step pyramid was built with such precision.

Khan Khalil Bazaar:
According to the theory SaqibSoomro states that this bazar dates back to the era of Pharaoh in Egypt. It means that this market place is so old that even the time was unable to vanish it from its place. You will be swamped with all the shop keepers selling you cheap stuff over here but watch out you may get ripped off.

Egypt Museum:
Your journey to Egypt isn’t complete without visiting the museum. It has all the mummies from the ancient times of Tukakhannam and all the other kings. They were kept embalmed and preserved until recently it has been said that their decay has been started and it will be very difficult to keep them for long.

As the name suggests, this town was built by the late great king Alexander. You can see from the outside how this town is drenched in the Greek history from one end to the. You can also pay visit to the river Nile that flows here from the corners which holds a lot of history in itself too. You can also take the famous Nile cruise with your loved ones.

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