Deepest Sea

In my recent seating with MrSaqibSoomro we were discussing his travelling experiences to the most incredible places in the world as the planets 3/1 is covered with oceans and we all know that we might be reaching for mars now, maybe we are talking about building colonies at mars but the fact will still be the same that we are yet to discover the incredible creatures of Lord living in the deepest parts of darkest oceans and I was honored to sit right next to the guy who knew a lot about the deepest sea in the world as a normal student of nature I could have never imagined about the story I was lisenning from such an elegant man with so much to share and talk about with so much to give just like something as weirdly unbelievable as the deepest part of pacific ocean know as Marina Trench which is at the western part of pacific ocean arguably the most deepest known sea of the planet.

According to MrSaqibSoomro the marina trench as deep as 7 miles below the water surface which makes it the deepest part of world oceans only few are lucky enough to reach the bottom of this incredibly deep surface known as challenger deep, he also told me about my fav Hollywood director who recently reached the bottom surface challenger deep none other than James Cameron who fulfilled his wish of reaching there according to his knowledge it took almost 90 minutes in a manned craft to reach the challenger its almost 36000 below deep surface of the ocean, and it’s not as easy for everyone as it was for James Cameron because it cost almost around one million to five million dollars to reach there and it still involves a big Risk! As we all know that Mount Everest his the highest peak in the world and even that might mountain can be disappeared in this deepest hole of beautifully dangerous Pacific Ocean.

According to MrSaqibSoomro the marina trench is near the marina islands which comes under the territory of United States of America and according to him it’s a worth visiting place famously know for Cuisines and incredible weather but mostly people like to visit this beautiful island to ship around the deepest sea of the world, but that’s only one sea as most of the planet consist of oceans we never know that scientist and explorers my find something more deeper than Marina trench, an experienced traveler is always ready to accept the fact that nature can actually surprise you anytime with new limits , new species and new creatures and even in the deepest part of marina trench scientist and explorers saw many sea living creatures such as sea cucumbers, jelly fishes and amphipods, You just cannot under estimate the Nature! With this beautiful and a quote to remember he left the room to attend a meeting and I was sitting and was still thinking about Marina Trench!

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