Antique furniture collections of Saqib Soomro

Glass Furniture:

The kind of furniture we are talking about here is the one which he bought from Athens Greece. This furniture was built upon the platform of a solid glass base which can withstand the force and impact of three trucks hitting at sixty miles per hour of speed. He tells us while bringing this furniture from the shipment that he did from the cargo lines. He said that he took great care in fact he took extra care and paid extra money because he thought it would be fragile but he was proved wrong by the architects who built it. It was the toughest thing he has seen in his lifetime. And such a piece of marvel.

Steel Raw material:

The Raw material which you see imported from distance that he has placed in is furniture is nothing much from a classic. He stated that it had been imported from the ruins of Egypt and the best in the world has it. The best amongst of all is the steel material. Which you cannot feel at all but you can go though the best items that it has been covered with it. It is obvious to an extent that it was imported from the manufactured corporation but the fact stays the same, it remains the best of night. The best thing about steel is that it is very durable and tough and will last for ages to come, so you will not have to worry about the wear and tear that happens. With such kind of material that was taw embedded inside it you may want to take an extra notch when testing it with the best ever found magnetized apparatus that would enable the perfection that was meant to be there for the taking.

Egyptian cut furniture:

The most famous of this furniture was the Egyptian cut furniture that was built for the Kings and Saqibsoomro bought it for a fortune. A layman like us cannot even think of building a furniture like this, because according to him it was being brought at the time when there was civic war in Germany and this furniture was in the middle of transit from Egypt to Germany to the end place in the France, where it would be put in the museum of Chlora. But he intercepted it in the middle to know the fact of the guess that is the reason why it was subject to such humility that it had craved for. The travel furniture thing inspired the people so much that it had anticipated the initial movement of the wooden furniture from the small quarters to the big castle of the city.

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